It is the role of the South Elgin High School Athletic Department to provide all student-athletes with the equitable opportunity to develop their athletic abilities to their full potential as well as promote both high academic standards and the development of leadership capabilities.  These objectives are best achieved through a broad-based program, which provides equal opportunity for all its student-athletes.  The Athletic Department at South Elgin High School is to aid in the academic, social-emotional, and physical development of our students through the promotion of teamwork, sportsmanship, and athletic competition. The athletic program at South Elgin High School is a valuable asset to the total education process.   



  • To run a program that is in complete compliance with IHSA rules and regulations.
  • To increase the “brand” of South Elgin High School Athletics
  • To support the education of student-athletes.
  • Provide access to academic support.
  • To continue strengthening the relationship between the high school and the local community.
  • To encourage alumni interest and support.
  • To enhance community within the general South Elgin High School student body.
  • Create athletics as “the” place.
  • Enhance student participation in co-curricular activities.
  • To enhance participation within the South Elgin High School Faculty and Staff Community.
  • Inform the faculty and staff.
  • To have competitive teams at the state level.
  • Set measurable standards for each program.
  • Develop long-range plans to provide an opportunity for success.
  • Ensure adequate coaching support for each program.



To conduct a program that achieves a high level of interest and support of students, faculty, alumni, local community, and other segments of the community.

To employ an athletic staff of integrity, knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities that enable programs of mental, moral, and physical benefit to student-athletes.

To administer and compete in the UpState Eight Conference and the Illinois High School Association with high ideals of integrity and sportsmanship.

To provide student-athletes with support systems to promote academic success. 

To provide successful competitive athletic opportunities.