Mission Statement


Our mission is to develop and grow our student-athletes into becoming well rounded, highly respected leaders of the Plano community now and for the future. Through participation in athletics, we will teach our student-athletes to have respect for others, to be grateful, to develop a strong work-ethic, to be mentally tough, and to ultimately have perseverance.  It is our belief that our student-athletes will live day to day with the simple philosophy of, Leaders in the Classroom = Leaders on the Field.  


We will establish a culture of leadership, mentoring our student-athletes to the best of our abilities with its cornerstone being family, school, and team.  It is our hope that by following our mission we will create and develop a Plano Athletic Program that people of the school and community support and are proud of. 


Coaching Philosophy


-Our program and coaching philosophy will pride itself on having a family atmosphere through character building, sacrifice, and dedication.  

-We as a staff will provide opportunities to teach our student-athletes that we as a team can do more together than alone.  Together, as ONE TEAM, we will pursue excellence in the classroom, on the field, and in life in general.  

-We will teach our student-athletes to carry themselves with humility, gratitude, and confidence. 

-Student-Athletes will work hard to demonstrate leadership by taking an active role in their school, community, and at home with their families.  

-Athletics is a privilege and opportunity that when played together will have great life lessons to help shape the lives of our student-athletes.

-Everything we do, WE WILL do TOGETHER as ONE TEAM!