NHCA Athletic Purpose Statement 

The purpose of athletics at NHCA is two-fold: first, as a school, athletic competition is part of the development of young men and  women and should be done with the same excellence and spiritual emphasis as academics. Second, athletics provides opportunities for  many of our students to apply their faith in multiple ways. Our desire is always to provide our students with coaches who will expose  them to the truth of the gospel as well as train them properly in the sport of their expertise.  

At NHCA we desire to provide quality coaching, teaching, and competitive experiences from a Christian perspective, all designed to  prepare and enable each individual student to grow in Christ and strive for excellence by way of athletics. 

Middle School: At the middle school level, our goal is to lay an athletic foundation of a Christian worldview, quality instruction, and a  fundamental approach to each sport. This instruction is fulfilled through coaching that is marked by our desired dual focus: a mature  Christian faith coupled with excellence in the sport coached. 

High School: At the high school level, our desire is to continue the quality instruction of the middle school. All of our coaches are  encouraged to play to win but to do so in a manner which brings glory to our Lord and Savior. What does this mean? It means we field  a team that plays hard, fair, and aggressive in order to win, but that team does not play, win, or lose in a way that taints the name of  our Lord and Savior.