Participation in athletics is a privilege. Those who participate in athletics have a responsibility to favorably represent the school and community. Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves both in and out of school in a manner appropriate to their responsibilities as representatives of the school and district. 


First and foremost, participation is a privilege, NOT a right.

It is the philosophy of the Athletic Program at Argenta-Oreana to provide each individual who is willing to adhere to the rules of good sportsmanship and guidelines of our athletic policies the best possible opportunity to grow morally, physically, socially and mentally through participation in our program of interscholastic activities.

Research indicates students involved in extra-curricular activities have a greater chance for success during adulthood.  Many of the character traits required to be successful participants in extra-curricular activities are exactly those that will promote successful lives after school.

Participation in our program requires a large commitment from each athlete. Your cooperation in making your son or daughter punctual for his/her activities will be greatly appreciated.


  • Participation helps develop character, social competence, cooperation, moral and ethical values that are an everyday part of society.

  • Participation develops mutual respect for all who are involved in the competition: teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials.

  • Participants must learn to abide by the rules, regulations, and decisions of officials, just as everyone must abide by the laws that govern society.

  • Participation leads to a better understanding of democratic ideals, social and economic well-being, and the spirit of fair play.

  • Through participation, the individual will develop a healthy body, a sound mind, and a better understanding of individual differences.

  • Competition helps to develop the fundamental processes that lead to emotional maturity and self-control.

  • Participation in the extra-curricular program will cause participants to attend school, resulting in improved student attitude towards school and related activities.

  • Participation in extra-curricular competition will give students opportunities to achieve, not only for themselves, but also for their teams and school community, and receive their just rewards in return.

  • The individual school administration will provide adequate control and safety measures for the participants, officials, and spectators to ensure the proper atmosphere for interscholastic events.

  • Members of the extra-curricular staff will abide by the rules and regulations and officials’ decisions which govern each sport/activity, maintain the highest standard of ethics, recognize each participant as an individual, conduct themselves in a manner befitting their responsibilities, and develop the kind of rapport with the total school community that will improve the total education program.