The co-curricular activities of Schlarman Academy are to provide enriching educational experiences in both athletic and non-athletic student activities. They are to act as an extension of the classroom giving students the opportunity to develop and excel in a variety of skills and talents, and to compete at the highest level possible giving the entire Schlarman Academic community (students, parents, coaches/sponsors, faculty, alumni, and others) the opportunity to display a spirit of cooperation, respect and good sportsmanship, reflecting the christian dignity of each person.  These activities must be conducted with proper supervision in a manner consistent with the mission of Schlarman Academy.

Schlarman Academy highly encourages co-curricular activities for enrichment and to help in the development of a well-rounded Christian individual in both athletic and non-athletic student activities.  However, school sponsored co-crricular activities do not supersede academic progress.  Our primary goals are faith and academic development.