Philosophy and Objectives

Extra-curricular activities in School District 158 are considered an important supplement to the district’s total
educational program. As such, coaches and sponsors in the various activities are considered teachers in their
respective areas and will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times. Participation in
extra-curricular activities are a privilege. Students are representatives of District 158 and will conduct themselves in
a positive fashion at all times. Recognizing the importance of extra-curricular participation to the development of
the student, District 158 supports as broad a program as possible for its students.


The general objectives of the extra-curricular programs in School District 158 are:

  1. Provide a highly competitive experience grounded in sound educational practice.
  2. Assist in the healthy development of the body and mind of the student and help promote healthy living and lifelong fitness.
  3. Create an enjoyable experience for the players, student body, fans and community by promoting sportsmanship, morale and school spirit.
  4. Instill qualities such as teamwork, pride, work ethic, personal responsibility, self-sacrifice and discipline in its participants.