GHS Athletic Event Expectations

Geneva Viking Students and Families:


Another exciting season of Viking athletics has begun, and the tradition of fan support and camaraderie continues.  Your loyalty is impressive and your encouragement appreciated.  It is with recognition of the important role our fans play that we ask for your cooperation in the following matters: 


¨ Elementary and/or middle school attendees are to be accompanied by an adult who is to remain at the event.

¨ Elementary school attendees are to be seated with a parent or guardian during the game. 

¨ Middle school attendees can be seated with a parent or guardian. There is a section provided in the north end zone for middle school students to stand and gather. 

¨ There is no re-entry.  You will be allowed to call a parent to advise them of your situation and need to leave the premises.

¨ Once a visit to the concession stand or restroom is completed, students should return to their seats.

¨ Students are not to gather in mass; blocking flow-through areas behind concession areas, near entrances to stadium seating, or near restrooms underneath the main bleachers.

¨ There will be no horseplay or dangerous behavior allowed.

¨ Play equipment, skateboards, and/or sports balls will not be allowed inside the gate.

¨ Backpacks are not allowed inside the stadium/gymnasium.

¨ There is no standing at the fence in front of any seating areas.

¨ The walkways through and ramps to/from the bleachers must remain clear of people obstructing entrances or exits.

¨ Please discuss concepts of good sportsmanship such as cheering vs. jeering, appropriate language, courtesy to others, throwing of items on/off bleachers, etc.

¨ Students whose behavior is not appropriate or who fail to abide by spectator expectations will be asked for parent notification information and required to leave.

¨ Students asked to leave for failure to abide by spectator expectations may receive consequences at their school and/or may forfeit their rights to participate in future athletic events.



Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Again, it is not our desire to diminish fan support, but merely to enhance it to allow all spectators to have an enjoyable experience.  We must provide a safe and secure environment for all spectators to enjoy our athletic events. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.






Geneva High School Administrative Team