Who We Are

Our Catholic Identity

  • Epiphany Catholic School builds a Christ centered atmosphere by incorporating the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church into every aspect of the curriculum and students’ lives.  As a faith community, the students, teachers, staff, and school families at Epiphany Catholic School are active participants in their faith life and support one another in their spiritual formation.  Catholic Identity is a strong and most essential component of our school community.  Catholic morals and values are emphasized through daily practice and prayer, imbedded in the curriculum, and experienced through participation in the sacraments and service endeavors. This builds a Christ centered atmosphere by incorporating the teachings of the Church into every aspect of the curriculum and students’ lives.

    This Catholic Identity is the foundation of our success.  The teachers on staff are instrumental in modeling the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church and include Catholic values and morals in all areas of the curriculum. The physical appearance of the school also portrays our Catholic Identity through icons, statues, crucifixes, and other Catholic imagery. 

    The Catholic faith is actively lived in our school by both teachers and students to provide experience and instruction so that the graduate of Epiphany will have: 

    • learned God’s message as proclaimed by the Church
    • Realized Jesus’ presence in prayer and worship
    • Experienced community by witnessing to Jesus through word and deed among classmates and the larger community
    • Learn the essentials of Catholic doctrine

    Statement of Purpose


    The main purpose of Epiphany Catholic School is religious-forming students in Catholic faith, morals and social values. We proclaim Christ as the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes, the model of its faculty, staff and volunteers, and the inspiration of its students.

    From the first moment that students, families, and visitors enter Epiphany Catholic School, they should have the experience of entering an environment permeated by the Catholic faith and be treated with love and the deepest respect. It is the responsibility of School personnel (faculty, staff and volunteers) to foster this unique spiritual environment.

    All School personnel must have at heart the promotion of the educational mission of the Church, and live as visible role models of faith within the parish/school community. Therefore, School personnel must support the teachings of the Church, actively practice their faith in their daily life, and be loyal to the Church's Magisterium.

    Statement of Philosophy

    Epiphany Catholic School is a Catholic educational community, committed to teaching Catholic doctrine and incorporating it into all areas of daily living. We recognize that our mission is to work hand in hand with our parents who are the first teachers of their children. We strive to instill a spirit of prayer and worship and to emphasize the development of faith, values, and virtue based on Catholic teaching. From the heart of our parish, we seek to provide an atmosphere of living and learning in the light of faith. Our parish and school communities are joined to form a faith community that seeks to provide an atmosphere of living and learning. It is our belief that our school should be a place where students, faculty, staff, clergy, and parents enjoy the process of education and feel involved in the exciting experience of learning and maturing. We recognize each child's individuality, the fact that all children can learn, and the need for differentiated instructional methods and assessments. We strive to develop and maintain an aligned educational curriculum that utilizes and leverages technology and maximizes the use of instructional time.