"At Cowherd Middle School, it is our mission to creat life-long learners who have the skills to succeed. Instructions will be delivered with high expectations through a rigorous and relevant curriculum, provided in a safe and nuturing learning environment for students and staff"

- Mission Statement of Cowherd Middle School


"The mission of East Aurora School District No. 131 is to develop the full potential of each student's intellectual, ethical, physical, creative, cultural, social and technological capabilities, consistent with the premise that all children will be provided opportunities to "Make Choices for Excellence". This will be accomplished by providing a equitable quality instruction and developing positive relationships with young people. We are dedicated to maximizing the professional skill and human potential of every staff member, because we recognize that an exemplary staff, working as partners with parents, is the key to an educational climate and structure that enables all students to explore aspirations, talents and interested in order to set meaningful goals and confidently pursue their dreams. We will design academic opporunities that forster the intrinsic value of learning and achievement."


- Mission statement of East Aurora School District No. 131